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Lazy Afternoon

...Ho hum, it's just an ordinary weekend afternoon (as a Caltech student, you know well that weekends start on Fridays), and you're bored out of your skull.

There's nothing to do but study and do problem sets (there are ALWAYS more problem sets), and nowhere special to be. It's not quite warm but not quite cold out, the weather can't decide whether to shine or rain... the great outdoors simply do not call to you.

So of course, you do what any upstanding Caltech student would do in your position -- procrastinate. And since it's 2018, you cannot appreciate the abject banality of your timewaster of choice -- browsing the internet, barely dressed, snuggled in a blanket on your bed.

You lose all track of time as you fill your brain with as many cat videos and bad memes as you can. Why, just look at all of those browser tabs you've opened...

So, yeah, you're neglecting all kinds of schoolwork, but that's the whole point. From your perspective, this is just another lazy, boring day.