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R.I.P. Jubal

Have antipathy towards
Swig beer heartily
Like a bad investment
Back of a plane or snake
Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob
White Men ___ Jump
Free from turmoil
Out in the sticks
Famously part of a pack of 8, not 10 (3 wds)
6 on a par 4
Like some digits in a measurement
Remove, like a bottle cap
Function used in slide rules
Parts of the Panama Canal
Acknowledgement for an accomplishment, like after a movie
Novels, for example
They might always be right
Actress Gadot
Adversity or hard times
Like D in school
NYC river
Fruit that's part of the rainbow
Political disorder
Dead end street, perhaps in France
Playing card more commonly called a jack
Barbershop powder
New Jersey athlete
Medieval field worker
Least desirable
Used block letters
C memory allocation function
What many would like to shed
Like Druids or Wiccans
Fundamental unfairness
Run of the mill

"Criminal" singer-songwriter (4)
2018 NBA All-Star (3)
Adult actress in the news (6)
Alabama Senator (5)
Alt rock singer-songwriter, "maniac"al at times (6)
Big Ten football coach (4)
Boxing Promoter (2)
Celebrity astrophysicist and rock star (1)
Chelsea midfielder (2)
Confederate General (3)
Costume designer (3)
Country music icon with a career spanning six decades (3)
English actor who played Dr. Watson (4)
Fictional heir (5)
Fictional spy (4)
Magician (2)
Man United legend (4)
Mutineer (2)
NASCAR legend (1)
NFL Owner (3)
Nigerian politician (5)
NL Rookie of the Year (3)
Plotter (6)
R&B Singer (4)
Rape of the Lock poet (5)
Rapper (2)
Runner (2)
SD Clippers star (1)
Shoemaking czar (1)
Soft rock legend (2)
Sports announcer (1)
Supreme Court associate justice for 23 years (1)
Vice President (4)
WSOP main event champ (3)
WWE moniker that replaced K-Kwik (1)