Well, that was an intense experience.

The last thing you remember clearly is that the princesses were set free, and everything going dark. There was silence for a short while, but now there’s something new. Something... your head throbs with the excitement of your adventure. Throbbing with both excitement and... a ping?

You feel the distinct impressions of your keyboard on one side of your face once again. (You really need to stop making a habit of this.) You open your eyes as something small and circular bounces off your nose.

"Took you long enough. I thought you were going to sleep away the whole day," your ever-annoying roommate says. A bone bearing a remarkable resemblance to a denuded chicken wing bounces off your forehead, emphasizing the need for consciousness and, quite possibly, a butt-kicking.

You sit up, shedding all sorts of detritus - apparently flung onto your person by that jerk across from you - blink, and look for your phone. Ugh, there it is, peeking out from all of those makeshift projectiles: coins, your various RPG dice, fast food remnants, and crumpled-up homework. At least you woke up before the calculators, or even the textbooks, started flying. A sideways glance at your alarm clock indicates that it is indeed much, much later than you would have thought.

"You better clean this up before your dog eats something he shouldn't. Again..." you grumble, as you recover your combination social-life-minder and auxiliary-memory device from amongst the mess.

The afternoon was a bust, and you don't feel significantly better for having spent so much time web-surfing. Because, still minimized, is that final thing you’ve been working on, off and on all week... a Ditch Day gauntlet of sorts for your dorm’s freshmen. You close the browser tabs, effectively muting their distractions, take a deep breath, and turn your attention to the task once more. This time, however, you feel inspired, and after taking a moment to gather yourself, you start rapidly keying in your ideas - ideas for a tale of imprisoned princesses, feuding kings, and a talking/tocking watchdog as a faithful companion...