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Kingdom of Wisdom: Denouement

So, you've threaded your way through the pearls of Wisdom and you seem to have stitched your world map back together (good job, you!). Your mission is nearing its conclusion, but one question remains - where might you find a hidden Castle in the Air? And suddenly, it hits you - the highest mountain! You reach it and climb to its peak, eyes to the sky, searching for your destination. And that's when it all begins to unravel.

Standing on a particularly jutty crag, scanning Wisdom's horizons, you are startled by a noise behind you. Spinning around carefully, you find yourself standing eye to eye with a young boy - but he's floating a few feet above the ground! You leap back with a yelp, and realize to your horror that you've jumped to the wrong conclusion - the one that leads straight downward.

You squeeze your eyes shut and begin to scream, flailing at the air around you. You're about to die! This time, you're lucky to be wrong, for instead of falling to your doom (and, let's be honest, it's the landing, not the falling, that's technically to your doom), you land with a soft PLUNK. Opening your eyes, everything appears white and fuzzy. You're alone on this... well, you're not quite ready to call it a cloud (you've been wrong a lot lately), and it seems... familiar. And of course, you're actually NOT alone (oops) - the little boy is floating nearby, waiting for you to recover.

"My name is Alec Bings. It's nice to finally meet you. Boy, I've seen you jump in and out of here many times, this void of Conclusions," says Alec. "You never seem to stay long enough to talk, but I think now you've gone and done it."

Looking around, you realize that you DO recognize parts of this place. The difference is that now you can see everything clear as day instead of grasping at bits and pieces. Well, sort of. It's still a tangled maze, but now it's a tangled maze you have in its entirety.

"And how did YOU end up here?" you ask.

"I jumped," Alec shrugs, and you simply cannot fathom the physics of that maneuver. "From my perspective, it's easy to overlook things. But now that you're here, why not stay and look over the things you overlooked the last few times?"

"Sure, and by that I mean I'll be OVER there, LOOKING for the missing Princesses."

Alec smirks at you as you stalk around aimlessly.

"Well? Are you just going to stand... er... float around there, or are you going to help me?" you ask, exasperated.

Alec responds, "Your Princesses are in another Castle in the Air. But fear not, your destination is, well, the end, I suppose, and you'll know what to do when you get there. When one is finished jumping to wrong conclusions, the right Conclusion is the only one left, right? So hop to it!"

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