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The Mathemagician

A benumeraled wizard points his giant staff/pencil at you and growls, "The number of times my brother's and my thoughts have converged is neither prime nor composite..."

You hold out King Azaz's deciphered note and say "Even so, I am positive this shall prove to be integral."

The Mathemagician snatches and reads it quickly. "I accept these terms," he said, willing to reciprocate. " Napier's Bones WOULD make quite a difference! Can you guess my favorite? The radius!" he adds, tangentially.

"Say, that's quite humerus!" you respond, amicably.

"Eh, what?" the Mathemagician boggles, thoroughly nonplussed.

Well, that figures. You sigh deeply, your tolerance for puns having reached its limit.

The odds are good that you can count on the Mathemagician's support, so you set out for solutions to your other problems.