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As you approach the Dodecahedron, you can see that he's really on edge.

"Woe is me," he laments, releasing pent up tears, "I can't convince the girl of my dreams to date me. I'm sure it's her dad keeping our friendship strictly platonic. I'm smart and in good shape... Maybe I'm not rich enough for him..." he sobs.

"I can certainly see your point..." you say, seeing several, and point at the words you wrote on his calendar. "I passed a casino a little while ago, and I bet you can make a lot of cash if you play all the angles, like so..."

The Dodecahedron turns and faces you, all smiles. "That's brilliant! I used to gamble regularly, and in fact, I once acquired a set of those weighted dice that should do the trick. Thanks, buddy!"

"You never mentioned her name..." you prod, somewhat curious.

With a wistful sidelong glance he replies, "Bilunabirotunda. Bilunabirotunda Johnson. And if this works, I'll simply die of happiness."

"Oh. Um, well, those little cubes will surely help you two fill each other's voids." you reply, completely missing both the tiling pun and the double entendre. "Best of luck to you both - I've gotta roll!"

Knowing the big guy will do you a solid in return, you head out for further adventure.