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Word Logic


  1. In favor
    Ordinal suffix
    Comes back

  2. Wariness

  3. Quick match, in womens' tennis (hyph.)
    Connector of days and lives (two words)
    Financial claim

  4. ___ Goes Down (2002 Kieran Culkin movie)
    Gaston's lackey, in a Disney movie
    Full of promise

  5. Four out of twelve
    Western wolf
    Mitsubishi aircraft in WWII

  6. When Matchbox Twenty gets lonely
    Former Ford division, in brief

  7. He debated Barack
    Native Hawkeye

  8. Desire
    Sci‐fi aircraft
    "I told him we've already ___": Monty Python jest (two words)

  9. Expense
    Film holder

  10. Allowanced
    Title for Paul McCartney


  1. Otherworldly

  2. Leg joint

  3. Dull person

  4. Kitchen pad

  5. Small island

  6. The Man of a Thousand Faces

  7. Place for a speaker

  8. Food item

  9. Town in Cambridgeshire

  10. 1998 title role for Angelina

  11. Gold bar

  12. Electrically‐charged particle

  13. Tatooine native

  14. Boxing stat

  15. Kitchen spray

  16. Alternative to a marker

  17. Non‐verse

  18. Staircase part

  19. A portion

  20. Common surname

  21. Frameworks to stretch and dry cloth

  22. Desire

  23. Gestation location