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Have Fun Storming the Castle (opt out)

Oh that's right - your crazy journey started at Caltech, it's perfectly reasonable that this adventure should end there too.

This is just too much. You've been running around in circles all day - there seems to be no rhyme or reason to this place!

You throw down the items from the King, Mathemagician, Dodecahedron, Tock, and the World Map (whoa, where'd they come from?), and shout to nobody in particular, "I HAVE FOUND NEITHER RHYME NOR REASON IN THIS PLACE, I WANT TO GO HOME!"

This time, your conclusion is half correct (better than usual). Suddenly, everything around begins to grow fuzzy and dark, and you feel like you are sinking. Just before everything turns black, you see what look like two crowned young ladies being led from the Castle in the Air by a mysterious stranger.

"Well, at least they are safe," you manage to whisper, as your body grows warm and fuzzy at the edges. At least you have the presence of mind to close your eyes as everything goes black and silent.

Congratulations, you have everything you need to go vanquish your inner demons and rescue the princesses! Erm, except for that whole physical presence thing.

Eh, all these clues are probably just a red herring, anyway.

To end the hunt (and have your final time locked in) without doing the on-campus finale, enter


in the solution box to complete the hunt.

Note: Entering something in this box, even if you also do the on-campus finale, will make you ineligible for prizes.

If you realize you are able to participate in the on-campus finale, do not enter anything in this box; instead, return to the previous page and choose the other endgame puzzle called "Castle in the Air".