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Hall of Mirrors

Lode's load; paleo no-no; word with home or boat

Oscar-winning role; it can be heavy or liquid

Past due; style of skirt

River on the Polish-German border; pool requirement; small bird

Fire in Fontainebleau

Singer Amos; haploid cell

Emmy role for Susan; actor Jeremy from Entourage

"Great job!"; slogan from 2016 pres. election

Peak performance (hyph.); N.L. Central team

Ptolemy product; snail filth

Avian enemy of Mickey; filter target

Birthmarks; D.C. lobbying group; raging fury

Soleil season; wise men; decay

Dir. from Stockholm to Helsinki; Olympia artist; leaf of parchment

Space for a castled king; more quickly

Normandy beach; edit, as in text; F on a test; ankle bone; line of people

Confronted directly; Roth acct.; long long ways to run?

Strindberg play

Converse about for a second time

Nice friend; octaves, technically

Type of cat or rug

Solution to x^2 + 1 = 0

Poor grade

It has the shortest Morse code

Parliamentary instruction, perhaps

Immerse a second time; ___ Dodger

Caesar's boast

Chrome competitor; less peppy joe

Alternative to text

William of legend

Rio greeting; fast animals

Atl. coast state

It could be followed by no or boy

College course requirement?

It was nominated for over 100 Emmy awards

Evening in Rome; special forces insertion technique

"___ got no idea"; anti-drug program; it's not PC

It might be heat, fan, or mow; seasonal agricultural worker

It might be said by a senator

Tiny egg; providing more comfort and warmth

Old mound; it might create a stir?; Saturn or Mercury, for example; another attempt

Classical concert hall; robot extension?

Thick wool coat

James Bond franchise co-founder

Shah Pahlavi

The Kite Runner protagonist

Judge's chambers; Hindu goddess

It contains a 10 digit prime starting at its 99th digit

Statistical programming language

Sesame ____; very frequently; agreeable or pleasing (arch.)