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  1. Folks from Bangkok, e.g
  2. Shake hands on it, perhaps
  3. Charges
  4. Encyclopedia originally distributed on CD-ROM
  5. Powerless
  6. Judge unfit
  7. Dancer's part?
  8. H as in Heracles
  9. M / IV
  10. Airport signboard abbr.
  11. Works traditionally comprising a strophe, an antistrophe, and an epode
  12. Darkman and Spider-Man director Sam
  13. Mandatory car part
  14. Goes down
  15. Way for you get in, often
  16. Land mammal with the densest fur
  17. Forerunner of George, Roger, Timothy, Pierce, and Daniel
  18. Tolkien creatures "bred from the heats and slimes of the earth"
  19. Serious cut
  20. Silk Road, e.g.
  21. Apartment renter, for example
  22. Counter
  23. Tavern
  24. All-Star Alou who, with brothers Jesús and Felipe, were the first siblings to play together in the same outfield
  25. Emmy winner de Matteo of Joey
  26. Course average?
  27. Stephen of The Crying Game
  28. Fitting
  29. Subject of Os Lusíadas, the Portuguese national epic
  30. Like knowledge deduced from pure reason
  31. Wildcat whose name comes from the Nahuatl for "jaguar"
  32. Sawlike mountains
  33. Disguises
  34. IT is one
  35. Tony who first appeared in Marvel's Tales of Suspense


  1. Capote drama that debuted on Broadway in 1989
  2. Nomadic invader of yore
  3. Melissa Agretti, on Falcon Crest
  4. It may enable library lookups
  5. It was the negotiation process behind a 1972 missile freeze
  6. Proclamation
  7. Yoko of Tokyo
  8. Spots that teenagers avoid
  9. Bubblegum cigar purveyor, maybe
  10. Kindle, for instance
  11. It dispenses funds
  12. It may connect clients to servers
  13. Bus. card number
  14. Grp. that fixes Time pieces
  15. Uber-casual footwear
  16. Buffer between disk-based storage and main memory, say
  17. Axel in the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame
  18. Peyton's quarterback brother
  19. Reg.
  20. Olivia with a cameo in Ocean's 8
  21. It is the internet's earliest messaging system
  22. Airport screening org.
  23. Reinforce
  24. It helps you save for your golden years
  25. It may be the technology behind your big screen TV
  26. “The Clothed Maja” painter
  27. Home to the Great Ocean Road
  28. Declare
  29. Outkast hit whose photographic advice is obsolete
  30. Catfished footballer Manti
  31. It holds what your computer loads
  32. Inc., in Britain
  33. Attention, metaphorically
  34. Javelin-wielding hunter
  35. Trial lawyer Robert who also created SOMO, the Sober Monkey
  36. Pleasure in the misfortune of others, for instance
  37. Time period which may have its own zeitgeist
  38. Riding the fence, sometimes
  39. Piehole or kisser
  40. Passes with flying colors
  41. Find irresistible
  42. Rule's forerunners?
  43. Shot worth taking, typically
  44. 2004 film for which Jamie Foxx won an Oscar
  45. Beyond, to Browning
  46. Disapproving response