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Castle in the Air

Oh that's right - your crazy journey started at Caltech, it's perfectly reasonable that this adventure should end there too.

You've opted to go for it. You know where on campus to find the Castle in the Air, and you can finally rescue the princesses and get out of here.

With the items from the King, Mathemagician, Dodecahedron, Tock, and the World Map in hand (whoa, where'd they come from?), you march on triumphantly, positive there's no crazy character left to give you the run-around.

This time, your conclusion is half correct (better than usual)!

You enter the Castle, oblivious to the fact that you'll need to conquer some of your inner demons in order to return Rhyme and Reason to this place.

Congratulations! You have everything you need to go vanquish your inner demons and rescue the princesses!

Email HQ at and we will give you details on starting the on-campus finale.

If you are not able to participate in the on-campus finale, please return to the previous page, and choose the other endgame puzzle called "Have Fun Storming the Castle".